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“We’ll start with two margaritas, keep them coming. We’ve got a lot of sorrows to drown!”

Evie’s life is turned upside down when her fiancé dumps her at the altar…for her sister. Desperate to prove to her family that she’s not the loser they think she is, she and her friend hatch a plot for revenge, but a potential new suitor throws a wrench in their plan. Will Evie give in to her need for payback, or will she choose love instead?

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Forced to marry King Edward against her will, Gythea spends many years as more of a prisoner than a wife. When Edward is ousted, and a new King takes the throne, she believes her struggles are over, only to find herself swinging from the gallows instead.

After a daring escape, she is on the run with the man who stole her heart, and then betrayed her. With time running out and danger lurking behind every corner, she decides to take a stand.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

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When Grace is told it’s unlikely Granny will live to see another Christmas, she comes up with a unique plan to transform her home into a festive inn for the holidays, offering an authentic, old-fashioned Christmas experience to her guests. To make her plan a reality, Grace must convince her small-town community to get on board and help her bring her vision to life. Along the way, she meets a diverse group of people who all have their own issues and struggles, but they come together at the inn to celebrate the holiday season and find hope and joy in the midst of their challenges.

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