Paranormal Romance

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When their boss’s death leaves four friends jobless, the ambitious Alfred Lewis hatches a plan to keep their business going…by relocating to Callahan Manor, a vacant estate with a sordid past.

Alfred surmounts his friend’s concerns and navigates the challenges of business, until a strange encounter with a restless soul leads Alfred to question his own loyalties and become someone else entirely. His decisions unleash painful consequences costing him more than their business.

Unfortunately, the changes in both Alfred and his friends are only fringe experiences in a history marked by centuries of lies, betrayal and death. The tragic end to Alfred’s crew sets the stage for deeper investigation spanning generations. Don’t miss this prequel to the series about a woman who will unearth every secret.

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Forsaking the Dark is a fantasy novel about witches, vampires, and magic. Specifically, dark magic. Is dark magic really evil, or is that just a superstition?

Through the ages, those with dark magic have been considered evil, born of the devil himself. As a witch born with dark magic, Daphne has been in hiding for most of her life. Everything changes when she becomes a suspect in a friend’s murder, and her identity is exposed.

Vampires and witches have never been friends, but when Damian, the world’s oldest vampire, shows up at her door, she is left with little choice but to trust him. Together they will either save the world…or destroy it.

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  • In the Beginning: A Forsaking the Dark Prologue

    Hands holding crystal ball in swirling smoke

    Is Magic Real? Most people believe that magic is an illusion. A sleight of hand meant to distract or deceive. It couldn’t possibly be real. But what if it was? What if there were creatures who existed, magical creatures that were capable of magic? Real magic. What if they were living amongst us right now?…

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