In the Beginning: A Forsaking the Dark Prologue

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Is Magic Real?

Most people believe that magic is an illusion. A sleight of hand meant to distract or deceive. It couldn’t possibly be real. But what if it was? What if there were creatures who existed, magical creatures that were capable of magic? Real magic. What if they were living amongst us right now? Hiding in plain sight. Looking just like you and me.

There was a time when they didn’t have to hide. Where we all lived together peacefully. In harmony. In the beginning, there were three races: vampires, humans, and witches. Vampires were strong and fast, the perfect hunters and protectors. Humans were good at building, they created shelters to keep everyone safe and warm. The witches were the nurturers.

Maybe you think you’ve heard this tale before. But there are things you don’t know. Things that have been lost throughout time. Buried deep within the tombs of the ancients. There were two kinds of magic the witches could be born with: light magic and dark. Neither good nor evil, simply two sides of the same coin. They worked together in the fields. Witches with light magic would nurture the plants and bring the sun. Witches with dark magic would bring the rain, and, when necessary, would burn the fields to help facilitate re-growth. Those with light magic were healers. Those with dark could commune with the spirits of the deceased.

Hundreds of years passed in relative peace. Villages grew into towns, which turned into cities. Populations grew, rulers were elected, and the tides began to turn. They forgot where they came from, their beginning. They forgot the ways of their ancestors. Greed, pride, and envy took hold. The humans became fearful and distrustful of powers they could not possess. Vampires sought power over those they deemed weaker and, therefore, inferior to themselves. Only the witches sought to maintain the balance. That is, until the plague.

Someone Must Accept the Blame

The plague was unlike anything anyone had seen before. It targeted everyone—humans, witches, and vampires alike. The old and the young, the strong and the weak. As the body count grew, so did the fear and the paranoia. Someone must be to blame. It couldn’t be the humans; they had no magic. For all their strengths, neither did the vampires. That left only the witches. Those with light magic cried out in defense, “we are healers, not killers.” So, those with dark magic were left to take the fall. They were mercilessly hunted down and killed one by one. They spared no one. After the last dark witch drew her last breath, the balance was destroyed, permanently casting the world into chaos.

A Pact with the Devil

In desperation, the vampires made a blood pact with the devil. They became immortal, and their strength and speed increased one hundredfold. But there was a price to pay. The vampires shed their need for food and water, craving blood instead. They became power-hungry and started wars, feeding off the savagery of battle.

The humans, angry and fearful, turned to what they knew best: building. They created weapons so brutal and effective that even the fearless vampires ran from the carnage. Eventually, the vampires fled to parts unknown and went into hiding, never to be seen or heard from again.

The witches, afraid of them all, did the same.

As time marched on, the past was erased. Witches and vampires became nothing more than a legend passed down from generation to generation. Stories told to frighten and amuse. Magic was reduced to parlor tricks, meant only to entertain.

Until today.

The vampires, tired of hiding and no longer content to wage war from the shadows, are starting to organize. The lines between good and evil have been drawn, and it’s time to pick a side. But which side is good, and which is evil? That, dear reader, is up to you to decide.

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